7 March 2014

Occidents - Audio Pleasure

I don't post a lot of Canadian rap but I'm going to make an exception for this album because I have never seen it anywhere else, and I completely forgot I owned it. From Vancouver, Occidents were MC's Rumble and Prototype with RenRok handling production and Dj Shortfuse on the cuts. 

Despite popular belief I didn't buy this album based on the cover art, I picked it up on the strength of Dj Shortfuse being involved, and if you're ever had the chance to see him live you would understand, dude is a maniac on the cuts and knows how to rock a party. As for the album, well it's good, and there are a few tracks that stand out most notably the track "Occidents". I don't think the crew did anything else after this, although I could be mistaken and might have missed it because it didn't have such graphic cover art.

Shouts out to Shortfuse for hooking me up with Dereliks and Bored Stiff records I was missing back in the day, and also for doing it at a more than reasonable price. Those 2 records will stay in the collection for a long long time.


  1. Use to see these guys play in Vancouver!

  2. Was Jay Biz the DJ on the first Hieroglyphics album? We need to get that old sound back... their current guy just sucks.