2 May 2014

Freestyle Fellowship Live Tape Rip

Unfortunately I don't have much info about this tape, I received it in a trade with Hawaii's finest tape trader, and it has a young sounding heavyweight crew performing live. I'm not sure where this was recorded, it sounds like it's multiple different performances, there isn't anything to confirm that speculation though. The last 30 mins of the tape is various Radioinactive tracks. I tried to clean up the recording as best I could, but I still find it a bit on the quiet side.


  1. kudos for sharing this and all the other rare underground posts: ace1 94 demo, myka live, kraken tape, del demo, 3mg toyko vid, atu vid, mystik journeymen LL stop look listen vid, etc...
    also, big ups to: peezy, fritz, access,... for all the past hook ups