25 June 2014

3 Year Anniversary - Dj Rob One Mega Post

Every year on June 25th I celebrate the anniversary of this site with a larger than usual post and this year is no different. If all goes according to plan I will be able to continue posting good music, and I will be back in 1 year with another mega post.

Today's post is something I have wanted to do for a while, and features someone who I feel isn't given the credit he deserves for his contributions in hip hop. Dj Rob One aka Robert Cory, passed away in 2000 at age 29 from symptoms related to non-Hodgkin lymphoma. I never had a chance to meet Rob, however I have crossed paths with lots of good people over the years who speak highly of him.


Shortly after Rob's passing I was fortunate enough to get my hands on his West Koast Indies mixtape and I was hooked. The blue tape never left my sight, it would come with me in the car and when I had the opportunity to put my old Sony walkman to use, it would be right there with me. I began searching for Rob's other tapes, some of which I was fortunate enough to acquire from other tape traders. Eventually I discovered The Vinyl Exchange and an article written by J.V.C Force member AJ Rok on Rob's passing. The other stories on the site from Dj Anna, B-Mello, Ec-Illa, Dj JBird, Sixtoo, Dj Stef, Truly OdD, Vapor, and Chris Vargas really helped shed some light into Rob as a person. At the time there wasn't much info online, the only other site I could find with any info was the 3 page Rob One tribute on Art Crimes.

Today there is a Facebook group dedicated to Rob's memory and plenty of good YouTube videos available. Here are a few that stand out to me.

 Paint Louis Interview:

Interview Part 1:

Interview Part 2:

Interview Part 3:

 Thanks to the hard work of other people there have been some really good articles written about Rob, my favorite was written last year by Paulskeee on the Master Culture blog and can be found here.

Over the years most of Rob's music has been posted online through various blogs. Unfortunately most of the links out there are dead. I'm going to post all of the tapes I have from Rob, and as long as the site is running I will do my best to keep the links available. If you have anything that I'm missing, or a better quality rip please send it my way and I will add it to this post.

R.I.P Dj Rob One

DJ Eq, DJ Q - Bert & DJ Rob One - Mastermixes

 Rhettmatic And Rob One - The Arena

DJ Rob One - Best Of Da Beat Box Vol. 1

DJ Rob One - Gavin Mixtape 1995

DJ Rob One - Hip Hop 101 The Foundation Lesson One Volume Two

DJ Rob One - Hip Hop Can't Be Stopped

DJ Rob One - Instrumentals

DJ Rob One - Jiggy Reggea Vol.1

 DJ Rob One - Jiggy Reggea Vol.2

DJ Rob One - Meets Keisha

DJ Rob One - Megamix Klassicks

DJ Rob One - Meggatrendsetters

DJ Rob One - On The Drum 90.1FM KZSU

DJ Rob One - On To The Newborn

 DJ Rob One - Presents The Shape Shifters - The 12 Inch Bootlegs

Dj Rob One - SK8 Jam

DJ Rob One - Summah 94

DJ Rob One - The Best Bootleg Of Sugar Hill Vol. 1

Dj Rob One - The Fly I.D. Show In The Mix V3

DJ Rob One - The Fly Id Show 12.11.1997 Featuring Guru

DJ Rob One - The Madd Idiot Mix

DJ Rob One - West Koast Indies

DJ Rob One And Phylo - Bboy Breaks Vol.1

Updated July 25th 2014
Below The Surface Presents The Dj Rob One Tribute Show VHS Rip

Updated July 30th 2014
Dj Rob One - The Best Of The Fly I.D Show 1990

Updated Feb 19th 2015
Dj Rob One - Summah Vol 2

Updated Dec 18th 2016
DJ Rob One - The Best Of The Fly ID Show Vol.1 (1990-1993)

Updated Jan 2nd 2017
Dj Demo & Dj Rob One - Time's Up!

Updated Nov 16th 2019
 Dj Rob One - Fly I.D Show 1/27/91 


  1. Wow thank you for this post! this is a very important part of la hip hop history, I hope that the llinks work for a while as I gradually listen to each of these. I too never met him but have many friends here in la who speak very highly of Robert Cory R.I.P.

  2. Whoa, crazy amount of links! I too was first introduced to Rob One with the West Koast Indies tape I copped at Stacks in Cerritos. Taught me a lot about hip-hop and I also ended up searching for any available tapes at shops at the time. Lucked out a bit. Thanks for this!

  3. One thing to note I discovered two year or so ago, there is no such thing as mix entitled 'Mad idiots" by Rob One.


    That mix was made DJ Rob Reyes from the Bay Area. DJ Mere from the Oakland Faders even has it up on his mixcrate page. http://www.mixcrate.com/djmere/hip-hop-classic-mixx-vol-1-7511

    1. Damn, thanks for the info, I had never heard this before. I wonder how something like this happens, and continues for so long.

      Back in the day I was given a tape labeled "Dj Rob One - Travelling Through Sample Land." A few years later I learned that the tape was actually by Dj Shame, however after seeing the tape I can see why the person thought it was by Rob One:


      Thanks for the info, and all the hard work on your site

    2. The title was Rob*One presents ... He never claimed that was his tape. Shame was his friend. He put it out FOR DJ Shame. Maybe because Rob had the name recognition, but as I recall Rob thought it deserved to be put out and Shame didn't really have it together like that, so Rob helped him.

  4. Thanks for the links! DJ Rob One - On The Drum 90.1FM KZSU ends abruptly during a freestyle. Is that the full available version of this mix?

    1. Unfortunately every version I have come across cuts off at the same place

  5. Thanks Brett:D

  6. thanks for the mega upload of tapes which i have all of these do you the summah vol 2 mixtape or Hip hop lesson 1 volume 1 thanks paul the mixtape unites blog

    1. Hey Paul, unfortunately I don't have those mixes, I've posted everything I have. Thanks

  7. thanks jibs im on the look out for those dj werd tapes you were after

  8. do you know anyone who may have get copies there like the holly grail

    1. Thanks for looking for the Dj Werd tapes for me. I've posted one of his more popular mixes, but I have never come across any of the other ones.

    2. jibs-I posted one of those Dj werd mixes you were after on our blog earlier in the years-if you want a repost let me know

    3. Hey Paul, thanks for reminding me about this. I copped it when you originally posted it but it looks like I forgot to reach out and thank you.

    4. jibs-still looking for freehanding recordings vol 1 for you lol-Do you have any of the long lost z trip tapes

    5. Hey Paul, sorry it took me a while to get back to you, my comments section has been messed up lately.

      I found the Werd tape earlier this year. Send me an email and I will get you a copy as well as a list of all of the Z-trip stuff I have.

  9. This post is crazy ! thanks a lot from France!

    here is my blog: http://k7pacoje.blogspot.fr/


  10. the almighty cool dj rob one

  11. MAN THANKS A LOT !!!!

  12. Anyone know who all the members of Megatrendsetters are? DJ Rob One is the only one I'm sure of and I can't find any info on that topic anywhere.

  13. R.i.p. Rob*One. Rock on. Happy Easter everyone. The good die young when we live to fast. I'm from the east Koast I never heard of Rob*One until he was gone and his homies put out the tribute song to him. I heard that shit while I was in ****** a long time ago lmao and was hooked. I had to know who this person was that commanded so much respect from his homies. I hope one day when I'm gone my people will do a tribute song for me as well. I started researching him a bit unfortunately back in those days the Internet wasn't recording everything. I have a homeboy named Dj OSOFRESH from the DC area similar to Rob. He used to put out the doest mixtapes. I asked him a few years ago if I could rebuy them on mp3 or cd and he told me he didn't know where the masters were. These are the true leaders of hip hop and we gotta keep their music and names alive. This new generation is wakk !!!!!!!! Keep hip hop real. Peace yall.

  14. Rob was an asshole.

  15. that sk8 jam is superior quality, we need megatrendsetters master copy!!! :D

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  17. Do you know did album art for the DJ Rob One West Koast Indies Vol. 1?

    1. Sorry I don't, there's no mention of the cover artist on the j card.

    2. Damn... Thanks for checkin'