5 June 2014

Optimus Rhymes - Best Of Santa Cruz Mix

I spent some time in Santa Cruz last fall and had the chance to link up with Cosmic and Optimus Rhymes for a few hours. After we faded some delicious BBQ, they hit me off with a bunch of music for the drive up to SF. Included in that package was a mix Optimus put together of his favorite Santa Cruz hip hop. I really enjoyed this collection of tracks, outside of the JKC and Top Ramen tracks I hadn't heard any of the other artists, but I would love to hear more from them. I'm not sure if I got all the track names and artists right, some of the writing on the paper sleeve got smudged and is tough to read now.


Straight From The Asphalt - Asphalt Legion
South Bay Clout - Asphalt Legion
Put It To A Stop - Flow Pros
Fact Of The Matter - Asphalt Poetry
Big Bang Theory - Bhang
Stamina - Ebony Mist
Pipe Dreams - Bingi D
Headlinin - Bingi D
Between The Lines - Top Ramen
Space Cadets - Jedi Knights Circle
Vagabonds Passage - Optimus Rhymes
Santa Cruz - Esp
City Of Power - Esp
Between Me & U - Esp
2 Few - Esp
Other Cats - Autoflow Feat: Optimus Rhymes
Shows Over - Esp Feat: Jedi Knights Circle
Santa Cruzin - Monikape
I Know What You Did - Jedi Knights Circle
Reunite & Elevate - Esp


  1. yo man... i have alot of stuff from asphalt legion, marlon, etc from Santa Cruz if you want I'll share with you. I'll just email you the links. It will probably take me a few days at least to get to it tho but i will get it all to you

  2. third last rapper is monikape: