30 July 2014

Dj Rob One - The Best Of The Fly I.D Show 1990

Big thanks to Javier for ripping his copy of the Dj Rob One - Best Of The Fly I.D Show 1990 tape. Javier copped this tape sometime between 1999-2002 at Radio Futura in Penoma, California and I am grateful to be able to post it on the site.

24 July 2014

Below The Surface Presents The Dj Rob One Benefit Show Nov 19th 2000 VHS Rip

I know there were a few different benefit shows held for Rob One throughout California. This particular show was put on by Shane from Below The Surface and took place on November 19th, 2000 at the Cactus Club in San Jose. Featuring performances by The Moonies, Anticon, West Coast Workforce, Lip Service, Sub Contents, Disflex6, Tommy V, Boac, Maleko, Da Golden Ray, Araknaphobix, Constylations, Dj Judo, Secluded Journalists, Kanser and many more. All of the artists came out to pay their respects to Rob and to help raise money to get him a proper headstone.

17 July 2014

Dereliks - Change For The Bus Ride Home

The second part of Eladio's request, most good music from The Dereliks.

12 July 2014

Dereliks - A Turn On The Wheel Is Worth More Than A Record Deal

Shouts out to Eladio for requesting the classic EP from the Dereliks. This is bay area hip hop at it's finest courtesy of Dj Hen Boogie and Izadoe.

5 July 2014

Spex - That Was Then This Is How

Thanks to the homie Fatmike I've finally been able to get my hands on a copy of That Was Then This Is How. I've received more emails from people asking for this tape than anything else so I'm really happy to be able to post this. There are a couple of bonus tracks at the end of side 1 that aren't listed in the track list. Enjoy