5 July 2014

Spex - That Was Then This Is How

Thanks to the homie Fatmike I've finally been able to get my hands on a copy of That Was Then This Is How. I've received more emails from people asking for this tape than anything else so I'm really happy to be able to post this. There are a couple of bonus tracks at the end of side 1 that aren't listed in the track list. Enjoy


  1. Thank you for putting this ultra rare one up!New album "Life In Lo-fi" is ready to drop!

  2. Thanks!!
    been lookin forever for this one!!
    Really dope shit!!!

  3. MC Assault was and is my theme music. I remember when I got this tape in the mail from Shane back in the day. Glad people are still feeling this so much.
    Anthony, hopefully you and I can make some more music in the near future.