29 August 2014

New Music From Spex, Brewmasta, Bucc Rogerz And The DFS Crew

The good homie Spexxx hit me up with some new music the other day, and after checking it out I knew it needed to be posted on the site for the masses. As always this is good music made by good people, take some time to check it out and spread the word.

22 August 2014

Tony Da Skitzo - Split Decisions EP

Reposted from the good folks at Ghetto Tyylit, one of San Diego's most under rated MC's.

16 August 2014

Orko The Sycotik Alien & Isosceles - Rules Of Thumb

Released in 1999, Rules Of Thumb was a collab between Orko and Shrmpy & Sasafras of Isosceles. Although Orko had a few solo and crew albums out at the time, to me this EP is what put his name on the map up here in the great white north. After the release of this EP Orko spent some time touring Canada and I was fortunate to catch his show in my hometown. Over the past 10 years Orko has been consistently releasing good music, hopefully that continues for another 10 years.

10 August 2014

Subcontents - Notes From The Cliff

The first and only full length I'm aware of from the criminally slept on duo known as Subcontents. Dave Dub and Persevere shine over production from Dj Roe, Fanatik, Tape Master Steph, and Mr.Aeks. Make sure this one is in your collection.

5 August 2014

Joseph Young & Anonymous - Rossi Nights & Malibu Mornings

As part of my normal summer routine there has been a lot of SFSM in the mix lately. As I work through their vast discography I always end up going through the groups solo work. Today I found myself listening to this underrated piece of work on the bus and figured it should be up on the site. Joseph Young aka Prince Bell Of Fresh Air (still one of the best names ever) and Anonymous bless us with 12 tracks of good underground hip hop. Take some time and listen to this album, then when you're done work through the rest of their discography.