25 September 2014

DrumMachineMike - Drum Machine Music

The super homie DrumMachineMike aka FatMike just released his debut album Drum Machine Music a few days ago, and it is definitely worth checking out. Mike is one of the most passionate music fans I have ever met, and that passion translates into his own music. 

Drum Machine Music is entirely produced by DrumMachineMike and features raps from 2 Mex, Open Mike Eagle, Ceschi, Megabusive, Thavius Beck, Joe Dub, EVS, Gregory Pepper, Subtitle, Noah23, Maleko, and Matre. 

The digital version of the album is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, BeatsMusic, Xbox Music, and Rdio. You can also cop the digital version from Bandcamp along with the limited edition cassette and CD versions.....sorry folks, no cassingles available at this time.

Here is what Ceschi has to say about Mike, and his debut album:

"Back in 1999 La 2 the bay was a website created by Deeskee that showcased a bunch of progressive independent hip hop from California. It became an online home for artists from The Shapeshifters family, Tommy V, OMD, Subtitle, Joe Dub, Maleko (abnormal) and beyond. My brother and I were even welcomed into that family of artists even though we no longer (mainly) lived in California. Fat Mike was a Canadian fixture of LA 2 The Bay. A die hard fan of the rarest, strangest hip hop Cali had to offer. He was constantly on the message board communicating with artists & other fans of this music. He had a radio show in London, Ontario that played under represented left coast hip hop. He also has one of the most complete collections of west coast underground hip hop...period.
Now - in 2014 - Mike has put together his first album under the name of Drummachinemike. The best way to describe what he makes is probably - electronic collage hip hop. This album is a bizarro journey of ever-changing bleeps, bloops, drum machines, analog synths and samples spliced with particularly inspired short vocal pieces by an impressive collection of the La2theBay / Fake Four family of artists and beyond. Open Mike Eagle, 2mex, subtitle, Maleko, Matre, Gregory pepper, Noah23, Joe Dub, Megabusive, EVS, Thavius Beck and myself all contribute vocals to DrummachineMike's sonic montage.
It's a unique record and I highly recommend checking it out if you've ever enjoyed experimental hip hop in your life. It's out TODAY - listen to & buy it here:

18 September 2014

Controller 7 - Bumps

Not the type of thing I normally post, but I've had this mix on repeat the last few days so I figured I might as well share it.

"This mix was made from 98 records, 1 video, and my own fingers (snapping on track 31). It was put together in my spare time as an attempt to keep myself entertained." - Controller 7

11 September 2014

Murs - Bac For No Good Reason

This tape spent a lot of time in my walkman. It didn't matter that it was only 25 minutes long, when I heard it I was hooked. This is and always will be some of my favorite music from Murs.

4 September 2014

Culturama Vol. 1 VHS Rip

It's not often I can't find a picture for a product online, but that seems to be the case with Culturama Vol. 1. According to the internet this movie never came out, and since I only have a VHS dub I'm not much help either since I can't provide a pic of the cover.

Anyways, here we have an example of a well made video, completely ruined by my bad dub and even worse rip. I decided to post this because despite the quality it does have some good footage and I couldn't find it anywhere else. Featuring Hieroglyphics, People Under The Stairs, Mr. Complex, Danja Mowf, Last Emperor, Labtekwon, Sole, Abstract Tribe Unique & more. Enjoy