29 October 2014

Various Blends - Levitude

A solid debut album from San Meteo's own Various Blends. Featuring guest spots from Saafir, Rashinal, Del, Pizmo, Mystik Journeymen and many more, this album from mc's EB F and Friz-B is not something to be slept on....and I know you have been.

They also released a demo in 1991 and a CDr titled More Chemicals in 1998 that I have been unable to find, anyone with any info should hit me up, it would be greatly appreciated.

23 October 2014

Antimc - Old Leg

Originally posted by Meeee over at Record Science a few years back, however the link is dead so I thought I would re-post it over here. 12 instrumental tracks from the very talented Antimc. 

16 October 2014

Bored Stiff - Rappers The Movie VHS Rip

This movie contains footage of Bored Stiff's early sessions and behind the scenes coverage of the Highlife family, plus the long awaited debut video from San Francisco's own underground group Bored Stiff. Rappers is the first single from The Real Highlife compilation which features some of the most talented artists in San Francisco.

9 October 2014

Freestyle Fellowship - Fellowship Shop Tape

This is a collection of accapellas, freestyles, live tracks and some early recorded material from one of the most influential groups of all time.

1 October 2014

Asop The Black Wolf Show Vol.1 VHS Rip

The first Living Legends video I ever got my hands on. I've never seen vol 2 or 3 of this series and I'm not even sure if they ever actually existed. I traded dubs with someone back in the day who said they had vol 3, and when the package showed up the tape was blank and the trader didn't return any of my emails. The rest of the trade was on point and I got my hands on some good music. It's been 16 years since this video came out, about 13 since I got my hands on it and I found that while I was ripping it, I still really enjoyed it, despite the quality of the footage, which wasn't too bad for that era. Bonus Mystik Journeymen video at the end that I recorded off the box....I think.