12 January 2015

NgaFsh - Da Upgrade

Originally posted by Meeee over at Record Science in 2010.

"As Jack posted up some Afterlife stuff, I herewith post up one of my favorite Afterlife albums. I can remember in around 1999 or 2000 when I got into the CVE and found the Curbserver. At that time I had a very slow internet connection through an analogue modem patiently waiting until the download of a song was finished, which lasted around 15 minutes. Most of the downloads took longer, because there often was a connection failure or a time-out. Can you imagine? Most of the stuff that was downloadable from Curbserver was from this album. I can remember downloading the songs "Can you love a villain?", "Hot up in this club", "Do you love me?", "Killa Dealaz", "My minds on you", "Hold Yo Ground", "Role Model" and "Clockwork". So they offered most of the bangers from this album as a free download! But you can only find "Hey fish filet" on this album, a great track featuring Micole and Riddlore..."

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  1. Hey does anyone know which album NGAFSH had a track called BABY FISH on? Maybe not the name but the hook went "baby fish I did it all for you"