25 January 2015

Project Blowed Footage, Battles, And B-Boy Summit 99 Park Jam Footage

A few weeks ago I ripped a VHS tape labelled "Project Blowed Footage", I remember getting this tape in a trade but it's been 10 years since I watched it. If my memory is correct this tape came from a trader in Hawaii who always laced me with rare stuff. I don't know who filmed this, in some of the footage you hear two people talking about being in town from Hawaii. I would love to know who originally shot this and if there was anymore footage available. 


I ripped this as best I could, but some of the footage is pretty rough, I guess spending 10+ years in a box caused the VHS tape quality to degrade. Check the Vimeo link to stream or download.

There is too much stuff to cover in the hour and a half video so I'm going to do my best to summarize it. If I miss anything or anyone please let me know.

Project Blowed Freestyles/Battles:

Puzoozoo Watt
Forgot his "freestyle" guy

Street Freestyle (bad quality video, audio is good though):

Rakaa Iriscience
Awol One

Freestyles And Battles:

Megabusive vs. ????
???? vs. ????
Peace Freestyle
Abstract Rude Freestyle
Orko & Zagu Brown vs. ???? & Pronoun?
Sole Freestyle
 Pedestrian Freestyle
Sixtoo Freestyle
Mikah 9 Freestyle (low volume)
Rheteric Freestyle

The video ends with some footage from the 99 B-Boy Summit Park Jam that was shut down by the police. For more info on that check these 2 videos:


  1. I was at that summit at Venice Beach. I lived in the neighborhood. I had never seen so many cops in my life.

  2. thanks for vid compilation. downloading now will watch later.
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