15 March 2015

Endlessness In Machinery ‎– 94th - 97th

The second release from the devastating duo of Dave Dub and Tape Master Steph known as Endlessness In Machinery. From the liner notes:

"Tracks 1-5 were recorded from 1994-1995. (This was an EP entitled The 94th Apocalypse of Lips)
Tracks 7 & 8 are a complement of 6 songs total. Recorded from 96-97. (This was an EP entitled 'An Experiment in Herb, Word and Sound'). Tracks 6, 9 and 10 recorded live, 89.7FM KFJC, on the Monday Beatdown with the Immortal Spiderman (R.I.P.) Your presence is still missed folks. 


  1. Insane i was just looking for Dave Dub today! after nearly 15yr of having not heard this! thank

  2. REW 608 a.k.a. RDUBBS20 March 2015 at 22:24

    I always thought this was the first dave dub release.
    First heard it in 95. There was this punk rocker dude named Ian in who lived on aurora in seattle who actually had it on vinyl. No shit. One night I was in a situation that involved cholo gangsters, opium, and this record. I had it in my hand. One of my homeboys actually broke into the house and dubbed this while punk dude was passed out. I spent YEARS trying to get a clean copy of this. Thanks.

    1. Damn thanks for the crazy story and I'm glad you found a clean copy