28 April 2015

All The Kings Horses - Nobody Knows Where The Red Fern Grows EP

Another sure shot from the Ghetto Tyylit archive:

 "Cassette EP by All The Kings Horses (James Ek-Sel & Square Root), released in 1993."

A year before this was posted on Ghetto Tyylit there was a post on the super tough Ripped Open By Metal Explosions blog looking for info on some "Early 90's Bay Area Mystery Demos", which turned out to be 2 tracks from James Ek-Sel and Dj Vlad. More than a year after the artists were revealed KaliYuga Pro blessed us with this rare gem, which until then had never been posted and has still never sold on Discogs.

Earlier this year there Back2DaSource Records released this EP as a 12" and included a bonus instrumental. 

21 April 2015

Universouls - Westcoast Underground

This tape has been posted on a few different sites over the years, most notably on the underrated Til Infinity Blog, ohh and BTW some of the download links on the site still work.

Back in the tape trading days Log Cabin tapes were some of the most sought after, almost as popular as rare tracks from Goodlife/Project Blowed emcee's. The problem with Log Cabin tapes was that as far as I'm aware there were no true originals, it seemed like the tapes were all home made and depending on which member of the crew the tape came from would determine the track selection and the quality. I don't remember where I got my dubs from but I do remember that the sound quality on the first copy I got was un-listenable. After that experience I remember not being too concerned with tracking down another copy, figuring that the quality of all the dubs would be similar. A few years later I was working on a trade and the other person wanted something like 10 tapes from my collection but I was having a hard time coming up with anything they had that I was interested in. They mentioned that they had a clean copy of a Log Cabin tape that they didn't include in their list and asked if I would call it even if he hooked it up. I decided to give it a shot and I remember being quite impressed with the quality when the tape arrived. 

I'm going to post the FTD release notes for this tape because there is some solid shit talking from the original ripper which is followed by some good information on the crew. This info has been posted before, I was able to track down the same info posted on the Dergatron9000 Blog back in 2007. Although it can be tough to read because of the formatting it is definitely worth your time.

14 April 2015

Spex - The Cold Shoulder

Looking through my collection I came across an instrumental/mix Cd from Spex. This was a promo Cd that came free with any orders over $35 from the now defunct sofarwest.com.

This was originally posted by The Thirdman back in 2012 but the link is dead and I thought it needed to be re-posted.

8 April 2015

Drummachinemike - Artistic Differences EP

Fresh off his debut album Drum Machine Music, Drummachinemike is back with the Artistic Differences EP, a collection of remixes, demo versions, and unreleased tracks recorded between 2008 - 2014. Featuring tracks from 2 Mex, Joe Dub, Deeskee, Awkward, EVS, and Modulok there is no reason why you shouldn't be listening to this right now, especially since Mike is graciously giving it away for free.

Support good people making good music. Peep the Bandcamp, peep the Soundcloud, peep the website, peep my post about Drum Machine Music and advance to the next level in the game.

3 April 2015

Anti Mc - Intrumentals At Work

As requested, the 1999 instrumental tape from Anonymous aka AntiMC.