21 April 2015

Universouls - Westcoast Underground

This tape has been posted on a few different sites over the years, most notably on the underrated Til Infinity Blog, ohh and BTW some of the download links on the site still work.

Back in the tape trading days Log Cabin tapes were some of the most sought after, almost as popular as rare tracks from Goodlife/Project Blowed emcee's. The problem with Log Cabin tapes was that as far as I'm aware there were no true originals, it seemed like the tapes were all home made and depending on which member of the crew the tape came from would determine the track selection and the quality. I don't remember where I got my dubs from but I do remember that the sound quality on the first copy I got was un-listenable. After that experience I remember not being too concerned with tracking down another copy, figuring that the quality of all the dubs would be similar. A few years later I was working on a trade and the other person wanted something like 10 tapes from my collection but I was having a hard time coming up with anything they had that I was interested in. They mentioned that they had a clean copy of a Log Cabin tape that they didn't include in their list and asked if I would call it even if he hooked it up. I decided to give it a shot and I remember being quite impressed with the quality when the tape arrived. 

I'm going to post the FTD release notes for this tape because there is some solid shit talking from the original ripper which is followed by some good information on the crew. This info has been posted before, I was able to track down the same info posted on the Dergatron9000 Blog back in 2007. Although it can be tough to read because of the formatting it is definitely worth your time.

 Release Notes:                                                
      Here is a excerpt from the DSP log cabin rip NFO.                 
      apparently, there are two log cabin/universouls albums, Los       
      Angeles Experiment (LAE) and Universouls (US).  most of the       
      tracks in this release appear to be off one or the other          
      album, although i can't identify some of the tracks.  i           
      labelled them as such.                                            
      There are actually a bunch of cabin tapes, a few which we         
      will never hear. Some ended up as Living Legend releases          
      (Comurshul). This cabin release is Tom Slick, Radioinactive,      
      Malik, and Elusive.                                               
      I didn't want to rip this, due to the fact that the log           
      cabin were full of style biters, especially Eligh. However,       
      this tape doesnt feature as much of what made the cabin so        
      wack, so here it is. Rare as fuck so FTD brings you               
      jabronies another rip you would never hear in your life.          
      Included in this NFO is an interview with the cabin members,      
      in which they speak on the project blowed beef, why eligh         
      got chased out of LA by Ellay Khule, (this info was also in       
      the Khule interview in Vapors magazine where he calls out         
      eligh and the cabin for biting the blowed styles.) And some       
      thoughts on one of the lamer crews out there, the Living          
      Legends, which after all, became the new home of some of the      
      cabin members. You can even hear elusive rapping on this          
      tape challenging all sucker producers. This is funny since        
      its known that he buys sample cd's from bangingbeats.com.         
      Regardless what you have thought, here is some truth about        
      alot of the LL emcees people have come to idolize. After          
      your done listening to this, delete it, or bury it 6 feet         
      under Liemert.                                                    
      If i see any of you bastards bragging on the LL forum or any      
      other shitty forum that you got this in your collection, i        
      will hunt you down and destroy you.                               
      This is a collection of articles on the . A friend sent it        
      to me in this condensed form. All statements and errors are       
      the responsibility of the original author of each article.        
the log cabin crew was:

3 Melanchaly Gypsies - Eligh, Murs & Scarub
Universouls - RadioInactive, Tom Slick & Saga
Others: elusive, om, pouridge, malik, neosapian, studious steve

(part 0- as told by pouridge, former log cabin member)
Its funny how punk little misled stories can turn into...drama. at least we got somewhat of an acurate storyfrom the gangsta neosapien but this is what i experienced from the cabin...the cabin started off as exactly this. before the log was even exzistant it was a group called Sidewalk that consisted of(Tom Slick,Klueless,Malik Shabazz,Pezluv). I used to kick it in sessions and shit because my brother pez wanted to put me on so i got from the crew even though it wasent one yet,but really i was just scoping out the peeps. thats just me not trusting people i just met.but after a minute, Pez left because he saw shadyness within the circle particularly "two" of the four man group. he didnt tell me who but i figured it out Quick, see..malik had racked some shit out the seven eleven and boned out as pez and two othrs was in the car waiting...it just so happened 5.0. was walking in to take a piss.so every one except malik got arrested. the rest i figured out through my own experiences...later. After pez was out the cabin started and it was only(tom,klueless,malik,andmyself,Voodoo) this was about late 93early94. i was just getting out of jr high so i was always in the house for doing bad shit & getinbad grades so i was beginning to be a rare sight. i never really realized but i noticed that every chance he got Kluless(now known to you as radioinactive) would try to get me to rap like every one but me i.e. (souls,fellowship, and various other people that rapped fast)he called it "flippin"but see the badstuds hadhipped me to the goodlife in 92 and i had already experienced m.c's get booed or served for biting, so i was young, but alot smarter than some who continued to be influenced by him till this day. i changed my name to pourridge, then sahga got from the crew followed by neosapien, meloncholy, aura(shumagorath), rhythmn, eternals. then around this time malik left, the 1st loss but not a big one. then before i knew their were over 13 heads with the addition of kwasi, boof, steve studious, and probably some heads i didnt know.then came an incident at the prominade when, Murs, TS, Radio, Eligh, and NS had to squab wit bout 6 fools and the new human didnt do shit. So he probably figured he was gone get the boot from the diaLOGs witch was not a crew of only artists but homies...that wasnt a homie move, he probably didnt want to lose or break his radio. so hewas the next person out and it wasnt a heart break because the crew was steady expanding. then came the so called beef with blowed. in my opinion that was misunderstanding of lyricsin a couple of songs. the homie tumbleweed was about to get put on the crew, but during this time he had served someone at blowed and hiphopklan wanted him to get from theirs. so from what tumble said he played some songs for khule over the phone and he heard not only otherwise's name but the badstuds name and tookit as what he wanted. next thingi know theres a crew at blowed called the lumberjacks...even though by this time those songs were over 2 yrs old and the crew had already actually dissolved. eligh and murs had went to the bay at separate times and me, tom, scaraub, kwasi and shuma stayed in LA, boof; lockedup, rhythm;? , sahga; wandering. so as for radio having to stay and deal with the beef ask him what he said when khule asked himif he was from log cabin;no,and that he was from the lumberjacks that cut down log cabins;nothing?...oh,ok. as for eligh,scaraub,and the badstuds being in a group...i dont think so we all went tothe samejr high and we all rhymed and shit but we were all seperate groups. as for your dickup discography there isalot of shit you missed and got wrong.to my knowledge no one that was ever from the cabin stopped making music,and just because you aint heard shit dont mean it aint there. you'll prob. never hear everything so stop trying...or keep trying,whatever! and as for all you weak niggas thinking tha because you hearhimontapehesfreshbutactuallybecauseofwhoheknowsconsumers,fuckquantity syllables....quality lyricals is the shit. tru-ly,me

(part 1- as told by neosapien, former log cabin member)
Same Hos...Different Clothes...So the rumor mill done come full circle. Man, when i left the Cabinmuthafuccas done had so many questions: "NS I heard you was a Slob now,what's up?" (thanks to my ex BeeBee, and my homie Josef)...Yo, all these cats that wanna know about the cabin or be up in theCabin's mix...The Log cabin began as Tom Slikk, Radioinactive(Clueless) and Malikthe Problem Child(Lord Gravity, Kilam the Aztec) collectively, the UniverSouls.TElusive producive was the crew producer and Voodoo (later Pouridge)was theyoung homie...later, Sahga was added as were myself and T.S.'s cousin, whoserved the shortest stint in the crew...I met MURS and Scarub and Hamilton,Eligh met Radio at SMC, and I started telling the older cats to put themon...Later, the Three Melencholy gypsies joined the crew full time (althoughthere was some stress when some ambiguous crew loyalties jumped off betweenthe younger homies and the older homies over the issue ofa battle that occured at Hamilton). Later, Sahga brought his patna Rhythm intothe crew, and at SMC in the last half of 95, Steve Studious, Boof and Kwasi cameinto the crew...at that time Malik left the crew, the first loss the crewtook.Depending on who you ask, I was the next to either be booted or leave...I was getting too involved in my outside of the crew life (read bitches and money)and I cacced out on them on the Promenade...next thing I know, I'm hearing myname being run through the mud...plus I got ganked for a beat (I really ain't trippinoff that shit though)...Longstory short, the crew fragmented by Summer '96. Radio, T.S., Kwasi,Steve and I all stayed in LA...MURS and Eligh moved to Oakland, Scarub washere then went to San Ho, Sahga chirped to Pasadena, Rhythm was between L.A. andthe boonies... Basically, that's it, the drama came to be when people from outside thecrew, WHICH IS ONLY THEM NAMES ABOVE...got up into the mix. Too many Cabin groupies gassed everyone up...I went on to serve a stint as a dealer, and thats when the rumors really started..."I heard you pulled a strap on so-and-so "..." "and i didn't bust?" Fucc it. As for the rumors, I wouldn't let my homies do time for smokin some no account busters in the homegirl's kitchen, lets be for real, don't flatter yourself...I never banged, if I had thatcrew would have shrunk real quicc. EVERYBODY NEED TO KEEP THEY EYES ON THEY OWNPAPER!! Homie that wanted to put the history together, that shit was weak, get at Radio, he'll put you upon all that shit...email me...to everyone complaininabout the rough treatment they got, DAMN! ya'll can dish it out, what's up...its all good when me and Radio's name's are out there...Finally, to all the Cabingroupies that wanna get all up in our mix, you wasn't from that shit, and chances are the homies was clownin you bacc in the day...stop perpatratin like you got inside dirt...PEACE

(part 2- opinion)
universouls made an album and were signed to some small West Coast label, but the whole thing fell through. radio and eligh made an EP, but that never came out either. the material by them is all frombetween 93-96, I think.
log cabin was haunted by a somewhat antagonistic relationship with the Blowed, esp. CVE, Khule and the hip-hop klan. they were already wary of the Cabin, who they thought were shameless Blowed biters; things escalated when they interpreted eligh's first verse on dire straits as an attack on Otherwize ("in other words/otherwise) followed by something about "a pretty boy's ego"). eligh also supposedly said "I'll serve everyonein here" while on-stage at the Life, which his enemies decided to takepersonally. so fish, khule, rid, etc. started dissing them all the time, esp. "metrognome" (radio and eligh's 11 minute magnum opus).
eligh and murs ran up to the bay with their tails between their legs, and proceeded to start taking themselves way too seriously and stagnating artisitically. apparently tom slick followed them (in body and in spirit),s ince he's been turning up on Legends tapes to a somewhat deadening effect.
scarub joined up with them within the last year, which may be why he still has some of the old fire left in him. elusive's up there, too; he's definitely much more professional now, and is capable of very dope beats from time totime. but he also is prone to the Legends' trademark lethargy, which can obscure the fact that his work has improved a lot since the Cabin broke up.
radioinactive was left behind to deal with the beef, which he succeeded indoing by hooking up with OMD (credibility) and evolving his style beyond the Mikah 9/Blowed syncopated fast rap/Hip-hop klan scat/onmotpaeicnonsense axis. it also doesn't hurt that almost all the people that theCabin was accused of biting have since changed their styles as well.
I've never heard anything post-Cabin material by any of the other members. except for a studious steve song that turned up on a tape someonemade me.
generally, the cabin shit is only interesting as juvenalia. some of it is charming and refreshing, some of it really sucks; sometimes both are true of a single song. at best it's really fun, at worse ponderous and flat.
IMO, the only classic material to come out of the whole thing is Radio and Eligh's EP, a few of the less diffuse Universouls songs, some of theMelancholy Gypsies shit.

(part 2- opinion cont'd)
According to Basik, the beef between Murs/Eligh etc and EllayKhule/Badstads etc started from a line Eligh said on the Murs 'Comurshul' tape. I forget the exact words but it was something like "wishing forsomething that's higher than a pretty boy's ego/in otherwords/otherwise/waiting for someone to realize/the sky is the limit..." and Otherwize of Hip Hop Kclan thought this was a dis aimed at him. So EllayKhule started dissing Log Cabin on behalf of Hip Hop Kclan, his crew, and Murs started responding on behalf of his crew, etc. and it went from there. Log Cabin was actually broken up already by the time this all started.
well, i've heard two things about this. my boy asked Scarab about it, and Scarab replied that him and Eligh were in a group with the Badstads, and the Badstads and their comrades were bitter about Eligh and Scarab showing them up and getting more props than them and shit. which sounds kinda stupid, buthey. and then the other thing, which i heard from radio, was that Eligh was onstage at either blowed or the Life and said "i'll serve anybody here, blah blah blah" something like that. i also heard Fish, khule, and them used to diss"metrognome" all the time at the Life and shit.looks like there was hella bitterness there, a bunch of different reasons forthe beef.


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