29 May 2015

Anthony Valadez Post - In Conversation With Omid

I don't know anything about Anthony Valadez, but I came across the episode of his In Conversation podcast featuring Omid and thought some of the readers would enjoy it. Here is the info from soundcloud:

"Omid is one of my first guest's that I had on back when I had a radio show over at KCSN in 03. 12 years later we bring it in full circle and he's still hard at work with his recent release entitled "Modern Persian Speech Sounds" which I play on my KCRW show. But one of the other reasons I wanted to bring in Omid on the podcast was for him to share his knowledge of Los Angeles's musical landscape dating back to the late 90's.
He too was a kid who loved taping radio programs including Michael Mixxin Moor, Mike Nardone and Rob One of the Fly ID show. We also speaks fondly of his days venturing to The Good Life and Project Blowed. He also speaks of his role as Music Supervisor on the recent Good Life documentary which was directed by Ava DuVernay. And little did I know she was an emcee at The Good Life! Hope you enjoy this week's episode!

** Also as a bonus, Omid crafts a special mix for this episode which includes some unreleased material as well as personal favorites."

23 May 2015

Kegs One & Friends - Kicks And Snares

A compilation of beats and tracks produced by Kegs One, featuring a bunch of talented MC's. I think all of these tracks were released on other projects, however I could be wrong about the Ian and the Kaer tracks.

17 May 2015

The Penguins - The Penguins EP

The Penguins are Scarub, Eligh, and Murs....so basically the Penguins are the 3 Melancholy Gypsys. This 8 track EP came out in 1998 and as far as I know was a cassette only release that was never released on CD. Enjoy

11 May 2015

Painkillers (Joe Dub & Topic) - Pret(r)end

One of my favorite 7"s in my collection from two great artists. Originally released on CDr in 2004 and later that year released as a gorgeous limited edition 7" on Anti-Party Music. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a copy of this record when it came out and although I don't listen to my 7"s very often, when I do this record is always in the mix.

5 May 2015

Nga Fish - Fishin My Demo

Nga Fish demo that originally came out on cassette back in 1991 and later was released as a German tour CD-r exclusive in 2004. The sound quality isn't great but that shouldn't matter when it comes to music from a young Fish.