25 June 2015

4 Year Anniversary Post - Live From The Good Life

Back again with another anniversary mega post, the 4th in the series. Don't sleep on the first three which can be found here, here, and especially here. As usual I want to thank all the people who check the site and hit me up comments, feedback, and requests....and special thanks go out to everyone who has hooked me up with music over the last 4 years.

The idea for this years anniversary post was a bit harder to come up with than those of the past three years. The main reason for this is because I'm in the process of moving and all of my music is packed up. While I was packing my DVD's I was looking at my copy of This Is The Life, thinking about the story of The Nonce and Yusef Afloat in the bonus footage when I remembered the 50 mins of live footage from The Good Life. Out of respect for the good people who put together the DVD I decided that I wouldn't post the video footage, but I would rip the audio and post that instead.

After I was able to rip the audio from the DVD I started looking at some of the other Good Life live sessions I had available and decided I should post those as well. Doing a bit of research online showed that most of the links to these mixes were no longer available.

I'm not going to spend any time telling the store of The Good Life, I feel that if you're a fan of this site you probably already know more about it than I do. If for some reason you stumbled on this post and you don't know anything about The Good Life, well then you should pickup a copy of This Is The Life as it does a great job explaining the history.

Most of these mixes have been posted on other sites at some point. Thank you to those sites for making this music available in the first place and to anyone out there taking the time to track down and rip old footage and make it available. Enjoy the links

Omid Good Life Mix Chapter 1

Omid We Came From Beyond Mix

Thanks to Asita Recordings for the tracklist:

Omid "We Came from beyond Mix" Part 1 (66 Minutes)

1. Saafir- "Bull-ish"
2. Rakim- Unreleased Accapella
3. Ellay Khule & Omid- "Califormula Mix"
4. Kool Keith- Unreleased
5. Cenobites- "Lex Lugor"
6. Ultramagnetic Mc's- "Raise it up"
7. Spoon (of Iodine)- Unreleased Goodlife Performance
8. Big Daddy Kane & Kool G Rap- "Raw" (remix)
9. Ganjah K- 1993 We came from beyond performance (Unreleased)
10. Jamalski, DJ Quik & MC Ren- Unreleased Session
11. King Sun- "Sippin' Brandy"
12. The Nonce- "Just What i needed"
13. Sach & Omid- "LA NY Jump"
14. Sach- "Complicate"
15. Figures of Speech- "Alpha Omega" (Unreleased)
16. Downtown Science- "Room to Breathe"

Omid "We Came from beyond Mix" Part 2 (71 minutes)

1. Pigeon John, Sach, Ellay Khule, Omid- "The People"
2. MF Grimm- "Chicken Little"
3. MF Grimm- "Bloody love letter"
4. MF Grimm- "Tick, Tick"
5. Ellay Khule & Omid- "Very Latest Styles"
6. Hard Knocks- "Nigga for Hire"
7. The Coup- "5 million ways to kill a CEO"
8. Funkytown Pros- "Situations"
9. Paris- "Hate that Hate Made" (Extended Version)
10. Immortal Technique- "Peruvian Cocaine"
11. Chali2na- Unreleased Goodlife Performance
12. KRS-One- "Hip Hop VS Rap"
13. Poor Righteous Teachers- "Strictly Mashin"
14. Slick Rick- "Mistakes of a Woman"
15. Organized Konfusion- Unreleased Session
16. Mikah 9- Unreleased Goodlife Performance
17. Del- "Eye Examination"
18. Longevity, Deeskee, Omid- "Electric City Remix"
19. Aceyalone, Spoon (of Iodine), CVE- "Jurassic"
20. Awol One and Massive- "KXLU Drop!" 


  1. much respect for selflessly sharing your love for the true hip hop culture.
    thx for all the goodlife/omid files.
    favorite parts of THIS IS THE LIFE HOW THE WEST WAS ONE DVD are: bonus myka9 footage (dialogue about: iceT, run-dmc , significance of '9', etc...), ear hustlers (ice cube, bonesthugsharmony,...), medusa feline science doin 'power of the P' live @ goodlife for 1st time, last moments of YUSEF r.i.p. rockin the mic naked, ...

  2. Dope! if needed : http://www.discogs.com/Various-Goodlife-Emcees-Where-Underground-Started/release/1896074 let me know. best greetz