29 July 2015

Dead Forest Society - City Haul (Life In Lo-Fi)

I was going through some old Soundcloud links when I remember this album from the Dead Forest Society. Peep that good music.

22 July 2015

Project Blowed - Hip Hoploween VHS Rip

Project Blowed Hip Hoploween show, recorded October 27th 2000 somewhere in LA, I would assume at the Project Blowed but I'm not sure. Featuring Phoenix Orion, Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs, Dj Drez, Self Jupiter, Myka Nine, Peace, Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, and a performance by the entire Freestyle Fellowship.

Excuse the poor video quality this rip came from an old VHS tape that has seen better days.

15 July 2015

Robert Jr. - Mob Hop Music

Debut and as far as I know the only album from Robert Jr. of the legendary Sac Town crew The Cuf.

9 July 2015

Goodlife Emcees - Where Underground Started

As far as I can tell, Where Underground Started is the official soundtrack for the movie This Is The Life. All the tracks (except tracks 1 and 9) were recorded live at the Goodlife. Featuring S.I.N, Aceyalone, Ab Rude, Hip Hop Kclan, Volume 10, Unity Committee, Nga Fsh, Mikah 9, Spoon, and a whole pile of other amazing emcees.

2 July 2015

Project Blowed Compilation

The compilation that started it all. I was fortunate to get exposed to this album pretty early on, hearing various tracks on local mix tapes before eventually tracking down a copy of my own. For the longest time the artists on this compilation and anyone they shouted out were the first artists I checked for at the record store....and that is still true to this day.