22 July 2015

Project Blowed - Hip Hoploween VHS Rip

Project Blowed Hip Hoploween show, recorded October 27th 2000 somewhere in LA, I would assume at the Project Blowed but I'm not sure. Featuring Phoenix Orion, Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs, Dj Drez, Self Jupiter, Myka Nine, Peace, Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, and a performance by the entire Freestyle Fellowship.

Excuse the poor video quality this rip came from an old VHS tape that has seen better days.


  1. Shits dope thanks for the link

  2. sweet. Thanks for sharing. Fav parts: PXO, SelfJupiter, PEACE, and especially live Mikah9 goin off like only he does for the 'word nerds'

  3. hey could you post a link for those vimeo vhs rips please

    1. If you click on the video title there should be a download link on the vimeo page