20 September 2015

Asop - Area 51: Top Secret Tape

The debut tape from one of the Living Legends most under rated mc, Asop Tha Supahuman aka Aesop The Black Wolf. I've always really enjoyed this tape, and it still gets play to this day, but there is one thing that I never understood and Asop isn't the only artist who's done it, but I've never understood how the first person to rap on an artists debut album can be anyone but the artist? In this case Murs has the first verse on the album, and the only other example I can think of off the top of my head is The Lady Of Rage having the first verse on Snoop Dogg's debut album Doggystyle, but I there are other cases of this as well.

Anyways, don't let my ramblings deter you from checking out this solid tape.



  1. Actually this is Aesop's second tape. Demonstration released in 1995 was his first. You hear Murs first because they planned on doing a project together as "Foundation" which you hear them reference to in this song as well as the first song Murs' F'Real album, "2 Reasons." Luckyiam states in an interview that Murs and Aesop's plans for the Foundation, somewhat led to Lucky and the Grouch forming together as CMA.

    Cant wait for the Legends reunion show in November!!!! Thanks for all the great music you post!

    1. Damn man, thanks for dropping that knowledge, I didn't know anything about the Foundation. Do you have a link to the Luckyiam article? I would love to check it out.

    2. Unfortunately I was unable to find the Lucky article. But if your interested I can send Aesop's first album, Demonstration and a remix album of his your way for you to repost.

    3. I just posted Demonstration, but I would love to check out the remix album.


    4. Here's a link to it on his soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/black-aesop/sets/seeds-of-hip-hop-aesop-dj-hecktik I believe it was recorded sometime between 2003-2005 featuring him using lyrics mostly from his Black Libra album over classic hip-hop tracks.