13 September 2015

Jibs & Jumpa Cablz - You Can Get With This Or You Can Get With That

Sometime in late 2006 I was playing records and decided that I wanted to record a short mix with no edits or touch ups. I spent some time putting together a track list and when I felt ready I popped a fresh 90 minute Maxell XL II tape in the deck, hit record, and started working through the mix. When I was done I reached out to the homie Jumpa Cablz and asked if he would like to do the same thing for side 2. A couple of weeks went by and he hit me up with his mix as well as some fly art work to go along with it. We dubbed 20 - 30 copies on tape and gave them out to friends. 

Last week I was going through some boxes and I found the original copy of the tape and decided that I should post it on the site. Peep the tracklist after the jump and if you're interested download a copy of the mix.

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