29 October 2015

Antifiction - Antifiction

Another repost from the good folks at Ghetto Tyylit.

"Here is Antifiction's self-titled album from 2002. Antifiction was a project created by Blaise Rea Taddune, Shawn Castello (aka Big Shawn of Bored Stiff), Bruce Leighton, and various other guest mc's/musicians. They released three cd's between 2002-2006, this first one has 22 untitled tracks, many of them produced by Big Shawn (who also raps on a few songs)."

24 October 2015

Living Legends - Local Talent

I don't know much about this tape, I've never seen it in person, and I was quite surprised when I was looking through my music folder and saw it. The sound quality isn't great, but at the same time it's not that bad either. I have no idea where I got it from, I'm sure it came from another blog, so shouts out to whoever ripped it and the blog/person I got it from.

18 October 2015

Mystik Journeymen - 4001 The Stolen Legacy

This was the first Mystik Journeymen or Living Legends album I ever heard and whenever someone asks what Legends album to start with 4001 is always at the top of the list. This is one of the few albums that I own on wax, cassette, and CD and I don't think I would part with any of my copies....actually I think I still have the original dub I got before I got my hands on originals.

11 October 2015

Asop - Demostration

I incorrectly stated that Asop's debut album was Area 51 and it was pointed out to me that Demostration was actually Asop's first album. It looks like most of the production was handled by a producer named Dense. Discogs doesn't haven't much info on them, anyone know what else they have done? On that note enjoy Demostration, it's definitely Asop at his rawest.

3 October 2015

Afterlife Radio

A few days ago a friend hit me up with this link on YouTube and asked if I had any idea what this was. I had no clue, I had never seen it before and after some quick searches the only thing I could find was the YouTube link. The YouTube poster did a great job providing lots of info, including the track list, but the one thing missing was the release date. During the Busdriver interview they mention an upcoming release which came out in the early two thousands so I'm assuming this came out shortly before that. 

Does anyone have any more info about this? I ripped the audio from YouTube, so shouts out to AnalfredFistcock for posting this and I'm working on tracking down an original copy to get a better rip.