5 November 2015

Culturama Vol. 2 VHS Rip

It's time for another video post and this time I have Culturama Vol. 2. Just like Vol. 1 this is another low quality VHS rip that I can't find any info about online. Despite the quality of my rip this video is well made and features some really good footage. Featuring The Coup, Konceptual Dominance, Anticon, Sole, Kirby Dominant, Dose One, Alias, Sixtoo, Zion I, People Under The Stairs, Cali Agents, Willus Drummond. Peep the Vimeo link below.

Jan 22 2015 Update: Do yourself a favor and check out this link and watch a high quality version of the video from the person who created it.

Culturama Vol. 2 on Youtube

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