21 November 2015

Supermarket - Dump Koch

As requested by Burak, another post from the Ghetto Tyylit archives. Here's what KaliYuga Pro had to say about it back in 2010.

"Another classic slept-on underground album from yesterday's radiosession. Supermarket, a hiphop group from Arizona, released this cd back in 1996. Apparently this was their only album as a crew and went under the radar for some reason.. Jimi the Mantis Claw and Brandon B later collaborated with well known west coast artists, so their names might ring a bell.. but in case you missed this album do yourself a favor and check it out."

1. Intro
2. 9 Items Or Less
3. Connect Four
4. MC Tasty Awards
5. True Feelings
6. Vibe Killers
7. When I Get Signed
8. This Ones For The Club Scene
9. Milk Carton Kids
10. Hardest G's Are Still Alive
11. Peaceful Recommendations
12. Specialists
13. Automatic Rapper Machine
14. Frontal Lobe Piercing (feat. Puma)
15. Calvin Speaks
16. Many Many Ways
17. G Floes
18. The Supermarket Experience (Freestyle)
19. Time Rhymer


  1. Brandon B is also in the group TRUNK DRANK and has a new group called OFFICIAL SPILL https://gurpcitydigital.bandcamp.com/album/official-spill-the-fill

  2. thanks been looking for this one love trunk drank