29 December 2015

Fresh Out - Gurp City Special Edition

L-Wood drops another heater in the Fresh Out series, this time focusing on the powerhouse that is Gurp City. I'm only 4 tracks deep right now but there is no possible reason why you don't need this mix in your life. Download link is posted here.

22 December 2015

JunDax - Lopro: A Live Organic Project

As requested by John Henry, JunDax - Lopro: A Live Organic Project. This is another Ghetto Tyylit repost and is probably where my rip came from.

"Old cassette release by Jun Dax (of Private School/Diminished Fifth/INK..), this came out probably in 1997/1998/1999? Unfortunately I don't have the cover art, tracklist or production credits.. this is one of those Soulseek downloads from many years ago (excuse the low sound quality)."

Shouts out to FIKS8 for the great photo.

12 December 2015

This Is For The Hustlers T-Shirts


Here is it, the limited edition This Is For The Hustlers "Rhythmic American Poetry" t-shirt. Only 32 of these shirts were printed and there are only 10 still available. Printed on high quality Alstyle or Guilden shirts, the front features a clean "Rhythmic American Poetry" script styled by the homie Jumpa Cablz and the back has a simple shout out to the site.


The design was inspired by one of my favorite D.O.C verses from The Formula. The shirts are $20 USD shipped anywhere in the USA or Canada, and $26 USD shipped anywhere else in the world. Send an email to thisisforthehustlers@gmail.com to confirm size and color. Payments can be made via PayPal.

Current colors and sizes available:

Large Navy Blue - 1
XL Navy Blue - 2
Large Black - 2
XL White - 2
Large White - 2
XL Grey - 1

10 December 2015

Fanatik Presents Heavy Off The Ricter Mixed By Dj Serg

As requested, the Heavy Off The Ricter compilation from Heratik records and mixed by Dj Serg. Featuring the Sub Contents, Bas Bombing, Mic-T, Azeem, Bas 1, Planet Asia, Rasco, Grand The Visitor, and more.

4 December 2015

Bas One - For The Mentally Astute "Theory Of A Throw-up"

The first full length I ever got my hands on from Bas One. For The Mentally Astute is 34 tracks long and features guest spots from: Spex, Dj Snake Eyes, Dj Mkqsoplc, Dj Spair, H-Bomb, Dj Roe, Pismo, D-Styles, Dj Quest, Dj Mega Black, Lord Takim, Q-Shy, Emperor Dre, and production from Fanatik.