17 January 2016

Culturama Vol. 3 VHS Rip

The third and final Culturama video in my collection. Just like the other 2 this another low quality VHS rip that I can't find any info about online. Featuring Jigmastas, Sadat X, Swollen Members, Moka Only, Styles Of Beyond, MF Doom, Quasimoto, The Shape Shifters, Grand Buffet, Lexicon, People Under The Stairs, Sunspot Jonz, and Buck 65. Check the Vimeo link below.


  1. Just watched part 5 and then 4 last night, woke up and you uploaded part 3 this morning. What are the odds?!! Thanks for the timely share

    1. Glad I could help. I saw that 4 and 5 were recently posted and have been meaning to check them out.