31 March 2016

Neb Luv - Road Rage Mixtape

I don't know much about this, I didn't even know I had it and just stumbled on the rip while I was looking for something else. I don't think I've ever listened to it, but it's going to be on the playlist for tomorrow for sure.

24 March 2016

Logic - Slam Factor

I don't remember much about this album other than it came out in 2001 and I believe that it was on Dj Swindle's label. I've been trying to find a copy of the Logic & King One - Testing Ground tape for a while now, if anyone has it please let me know.

17 March 2016

Elusive & Josh Koslow - Celestial Impressions

As requested, some old Elusive ish. This is some laid back instrumental music....one time for your mind.

11 March 2016

The Network Compilation

This compilation has been on my want list for a long time. A few years ago someone provided a link to download it from a file sharing site that went out of business before I could get a copy. Fast forward a few years and I'm looking for something in my music folder on my computer when I come across a folder with a strange name. I check it out and realize that it's this compilation. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet but I figured that I should post it on the site. If someone did send this to me or posted it on their site then that's probably where I got it and for that I thank you.


1. No Artist – Intro       
2. Secluded Journalists – Rules And Regulations
3. Optimus Rhyme – Discussion
4. Organics – Some People
5. Icontact – Capture Attention
6. Thunderhut – The Hut
7. Enzyme & Braynfuqt – Win A Pryze
8. Brodhi – Brodhidharma
9. Forensic Science – Ride The Beat
10. Dor 1 Sok The Virgo & Enzyme – Just A Blessing
11. Ayentee – Average Alien Nation
12. Organics Feat. Simple – Oxygen
13. Sok The Virgo & Theory – One Unit At A Time
14. Twisted Logik – Here We Go
15. Braynfuqt & Tonz – Keep It Underground
16. Abnormal – 3 Minds
17. Enzyme & Pseudo – Burnout
18. Pushing Destinations – I've Been Up
19. Relic & Sok The Virgo – Childish
20. Safari & Braynfuqt – Mental Funk

2 March 2016

Presage - Outer Perimeter

Something a bit different, Presage is a group composed of Dose One, Mr. Dibbs, and Jel. I don't know much about the group other than I originally bought this CD because of the cover art by Doze Green. Initially I didn't care for the album but over time it grew on me. I went looking for my CD today and I couldn't find it so I thought I would post the rip I have.