11 March 2016

The Network Compilation

This compilation has been on my want list for a long time. A few years ago someone provided a link to download it from a file sharing site that went out of business before I could get a copy. Fast forward a few years and I'm looking for something in my music folder on my computer when I come across a folder with a strange name. I check it out and realize that it's this compilation. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet but I figured that I should post it on the site. If someone did send this to me or posted it on their site then that's probably where I got it and for that I thank you.


1. No Artist – Intro       
2. Secluded Journalists – Rules And Regulations
3. Optimus Rhyme – Discussion
4. Organics – Some People
5. Icontact – Capture Attention
6. Thunderhut – The Hut
7. Enzyme & Braynfuqt – Win A Pryze
8. Brodhi – Brodhidharma
9. Forensic Science – Ride The Beat
10. Dor 1 Sok The Virgo & Enzyme – Just A Blessing
11. Ayentee – Average Alien Nation
12. Organics Feat. Simple – Oxygen
13. Sok The Virgo & Theory – One Unit At A Time
14. Twisted Logik – Here We Go
15. Braynfuqt & Tonz – Keep It Underground
16. Abnormal – 3 Minds
17. Enzyme & Pseudo – Burnout
18. Pushing Destinations – I've Been Up
19. Relic & Sok The Virgo – Childish
20. Safari & Braynfuqt – Mental Funk


  1. I reconize this, I searched my pc and turned out that I didnt have this. Im happy to add it to my collection, this is a very dope compilation. Thanks!!

  2. Nice. There's a cd copy on Amazon of it for less than $5.00.