11 May 2016

The Shape Shifters - Useless B-Sides

A collection of rare and unreleased songs. Some tracks or part of tracks were later released on official releases.

Does anyone know what happened to Circus? I haven't heard anything new from him in a while.


  1. the last thing i heard about circus
    was this weird interview he talked about conspiracy,aliens and shit

  2. Pretty much... super bummer. He's one of those guys that gets in the pocket and stays there for way too long in a good way. According to anything I can find out he's taking some time off. Maybe he'll resurface in the future. I hope so.

  3. Ive been investigating for over 2 months and he has mental illness. Very, very sad. Sucks that his mind turned on him for beliveing in what he finds as truth. I was so hoping for new music and material but at this point I just hope he gets better. Keep your head up Circus. Your fans are here for you.