21 August 2016

Midnight Voices - Upper Room Video Shoot

Shouts out to A.-"Karriem" A. Khan= AK*2 for bringing this video to my attention and to Vimeo user Simblr for posting it.

I've posted about Midnight Voices in the past, and while I don't know a lot about the group I've always enjoyed their music. This footage is a live performance at the Upper Room for the making of a music video. It includes the group planning the shoot, the explanation of everything to the crowd, the live performances, lots of footage of the crowd, and a freestyle session.

"This video is a powerful moment from San Francisco's Upper Room, a substance-free night club which catalyzed the Bay Area spoken word and independent Hip-Hop scene in the 1990s. The video features Midnight Voices, arguably the Bay Area's finest Hip-Hop band. Led rapper, Mohammed Bilal (Mystic Mo), was a cast member on MTV's Real World at the time."

I can't speak to the significance of this footage, but I always enjoy seeing footage of shows from this era. The video starts around the 1 minute mark and make sure you watch until the end for the yo mama jokes.

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