28 September 2016

Aura - Less Than Life

Debut album from Jedi Knight Circle member Aura. Originally released in 1998 this tape was the second release from JKC in my collection, but the first from Aura. This tape doesn't get as much play as it used too, but it always reminds of that early JKC sound and when I first discovered their music.

20 September 2016

Encore - Self Preservation

Debut album from Milpitas California emcee Encore. Featuring guest raps from Dave Dub, Grand The Visitor, Pep Love, and production from The Architect there is no excuse for sleeping on this album.

12 September 2016

Jeff Jabz - Sign Language

Debut album from bay area producer Jeff Jabz. Featuring a mix of instrumental and vocal tracks with guest appearances from P-Way, 2Mex, Z-Man, Equipto and more.