26 November 2016

Antifiction - Taht

The second album from Antifiction, featuring Blaise Taddune, P.W Esquire, Big Shawn, Mint Rock, and more.

18 November 2016

Mint Rock - Mint Rock

The 2005 debut solo album from Bored Stiff member Mint Rock. Featuring Dubstar, Big Shawn, Equipto, Spank Pops, Z-Man and more.

12 November 2016

Mind Mechanics - Impotent Mind Fuck

The 2008 reissue of Mind Mechanic's 2001 debut, Impotent Mind Fuck. The original release was only 10 tracks, the reissue includes all of the instrumentals for a total of 20 tracks.

6 November 2016

DrumMachineMike - Transfer Points

"This is a beat set that I made in the fall of 2015 of tracks that I had created throughout that year. I am currently recording the follow up to Drum Machine Music and hope to have it out sometime next year."

Check out Transfer Points on DrumMachineMike's Soundcloud page.