30 January 2017

The Cuf - I Love This Game

The first Cuf 12" I ever got my hands on. When I bought it I was excited about The Cuf and Living Legends collaboration. After the first listen the track that stood out to me and to this day is still one of my personal favorites is Checkmate. 


  1. Niiiice nice stuff at your site..one of the best I've found in the net..thanx so much for dropin' dopest Bay music online!
    I'm looking for years of The Cuf stuff which I had all in my crate, but after sold my whole collection and sadly not recorded before, never found one instead of the Cuf Daddy Album. Thanx a lot Jibs!
    May I request for the
    Good4Nuthin ‎The Real Sacramento Kings 12" with Instrumentals, which are also nowhere to find like the web or yt?? If it's possible and you have it, would be nice to see this one soon.

    I also wanted to request for some Encore 12" those are hard to find in full, would be nice if you have, to kick them to your site?!

    This one's here:
    Ice Age / Dirty 12"
    Love & Hate 12"
    Filthy (Remix) / Ice Age (Remix) 12"
    Sporadic 12"

    Thanks in effort!
    Much love, peace and blessings.


    1. Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately I don't have the Good4Nuthin or the Encore 12's. If I find them I will post them.

  2. Aight Jibs, thanks a lot bro!