28 February 2017

Zion I - Chapter 4

As requested, early music from Zion I.

22 February 2017

A-O.N.E - All Others Never Existed

Another re-post from the Ghetto Tyylit archives. "Solo EP by A-O.N.E. (aka A Dash).. This was released in 2003 so it sounds a bit different than the earlier Daysmen Empire stuff."

14 February 2017

LA2TheBay Radio

If you haven't heard 2Mex has started the 2Mex Hologram Radio station, streaming hip hop, live shows, and talk 24 hours a day. Every Saturday and Sunday night from 8-10pm PST you can catch LA2TheBay Radio hosted by Deeskee. You can stream using your browser from the 2Mex Hologram Radio site or from the TuneIn radio app on your phone.

6 February 2017

2Mex & Awol One - Flow And Tell Tour Live

Recorded live on the Flow And Tell Tour. The footage is from concerts in cities such as Seattle, Portland and Sacramento.