25 June 2017

6 Year Anniversary Post - Tags Of The Times 3 Documentary

Six years deep. Thank you to everyone who checks the sites, hits me up with comments, feedback, and requests, and a special thank you to everyone that has hooked me up with music or filled one of my requests.

I'm not sure what type of release this video ever received, I've never seen an original copy of it, only the VHS dub I received in a trade back in the day. Tags of The Times 3 has always been my favorite album in the series so I was happy to see them put out a sort of video documentary about the album. The video contains interviews and live footage featuring Murs, Scarub, Living Legends, Self Jupiter, Sach, Spoon (of Iodine), Company Flow, Mr. Lif & 3MG, Aceyalone, Fat Jon & Mr. Dibbs, Dreamweavers (L'Roneous & Elusive), Aesop Rock, Buck 65, Shing02, DJ Ice Water, Kirby Dominant, P.E.A.C.E., Atmoshpere, Mikah Nine, Megabusive, OD, and Emuse.

This video was released by the good folks at Mary Joy Recordings and Practice Video Magazine. I've never been able to find any of the Practice Video Magazine issues so if anyone had a hookup that would be much appreciated.

14 June 2017

The Beat Back Tape

The good people over at Bring That Beat Back just released their first tape. Please take some time to check it out and support good people making good music for a great cause.

"The digital version and pre-orders for The Beetbak Tape are now available on our Bandcamp page. The tape is just under 70 min. long and features tracks by several of the artists who Jack and I have interviewed on beetbak, plus a handful of related artists. All proceeds from this tape, digital and physical, will be donated to Jean in the Front Row, who I have also interviewed on this site and written about here. Any support and assistance in spreading the word is greatly appreciated by Jack and I, and, of course, Jean as well. We hope people enjoy and support this tape because we have several other projects lined up for the next couple years; reissues, unreleased and new projects from some of the artists featured on this compilation. A huge thank you to anyone who supports and to all the artists who submitted songs, beats and drops out of the kindness of their hearts to help raise some money for Jean and make a cool compilation for the readers of the this blog to enjoy!"

The Beetbak Tape - 2017

A01-Beetbak Intro
A02-Napom, Supherb & Marc tha Murderah "I Want the Paper"
A03-Eclipse & Orko "Age of the Last MC"
A04-Aki&theWildOutPosse "CustomMadeTargets"
A05-BullySquad "Blastit"
A06-Bomedybeats Interlude
A07-Name Science "Trying Days"
A08-A.K.M. of Cypha 7 "Fuck the Police"
A09-Zombie619er "R.O.T.I.M."
A10-Labjaxx "Settings Anonymous"
A11-ThEX2 "Writers(Ryze)"
A12-Massdog Music Outro

B01-NautilusInk Intro
B02-Android Masters "Space Ogeez"
B03-Jahli & Labjaxx "Motion Moduate"
B04-DK NoDeal "Blk Baby Boy"
B05-Aki&theWildOutPosse "TroubleMyWay"
B06-Asia/MsKiddo "Skadipp(KillBill Vol.1-2 Trailer)"
B07-Imperator "48 Bars Out the Blue"
B08-Bomedybeats Interlude II
B09-Syndrome228, Quaesar, BigMass & RoachtheDJ "2Mex Live-A-Cation"
B10-Aki Khalaq & the Blak Prints "Red&BlackRoses"
B11-Bomedybeats "Space is the Place"
B12-BigMass "Struggle Through Life"
B13-Ownworld Syndrome Outro

A1 produced by JackDevo762
A2 produced by Smach Gordan aka Napom
A4, B5, B6 & B10 produced by the "BigHomie" Ak
A5 & A11 produced by Debit aka Syndrome228
A6, A9, B2, B8 & B11 produced by Koobaatoo Asparagus
A7 produced by Diabase
A10 produced by Sloj
A12, B9 & B12 produced by Massdog Music
B1 produced by NautilusInk aka Memphisto
B3 produced by Ill Primitivo
B4 produced by Fat Jack
B13 produced by Sloj, Labjaxx, Flexx & Liquid

8 June 2017

Dj Quietstorm - Ura Tags Of The Times

Dj Quietstorm puts together a really dope mix of Mary Joy Recordings material. I think I originally heard this mix before any of the Tags Of The Times compilations and then went back and tracked down the comps, which were all really dope. Enjoy.