29 October 2017

Konceptual Dominance - Savage Intelligence

I don't know if I can call this a slept on album, but I will say this that I feel like this album didn't get the credit it deserved when it came out. Almost 20 years later this album stills gets regular rotation in the headphones. 

If anyone has a better quality rip than my 192 kbps version than I would appreciate a copy. Thanks


  1. Hey, Jibs is me Phlashback from Spain maybe do you remember me for "Stray From The Pack" [Quiet Biting Attack] that i shared with you, i have this one, if do you want the flac or whatever let me know i'll send to your mail.

    1. Hey thanks for hitting me up, yeah I remember you hooking up that album. I would love to get a flac copy of this album. Thanks

  2. I never break a promise like freestyle fellowship, link in your mail