26 November 2017

Bizarro - SOUP Music

More good music from Bizarro. Featuring Eligh, Nebulus, and a guest verse from Izadoe of the Dereliks.

19 November 2017

Scarub - The Answer 2wo The Meaning

As requested, Scarub's The Answer 2wo The Meaning album. Featuring Eligh, Murs, Style Misia, Knows, Proverb, Sunspot Jonz, Very, and more.

13 November 2017

Bizarro - Cartoon World 2

More music from Bizarro. I was originally going to post the first Cartoon World tape, then I realized I don't have it so if anyone out there has a rip I'd appreciate a copy. Thanks

4 November 2017

Bizarro - Mind Sagas

The third solo from Living Legends member Bizarro. Originally released in 1997....damn 20 years ago....I don't believe Mind Sagas was ever released on CD.