3 January 2018

Beetbak Tapes

I'm sure most people are already aware but I wanted to bring some attention to the amazing work that the homies from the Bring The Beat Back blog have been doing with their limited edition tape releases. They released 4 tapes in 2017 and from what I understand have some more great releases planned for 2018. Make sure to keep checking their site for updates and great interviews and be sure to keep an eye on their Bandcamp for new limited edition releases.


  1. Thanks, brother. We can use all the word-spreading we can get. It's very much appreciated!

  2. "This is for the hustlers, working the streets doing what they got to do to make their F#@&%!* ends meet" - www.ImpTheGreat.com

  3. Do you know how to contact Beetbak for an invite to the blog?

    1. Sorry I don't. I don't think the blog exists anymore and it looks like the bandcamp page is down now too.