27 May 2018

Unwanted Redhead - Bastard Stepchild

I had a request for a Shape Shifters album the other day and while I was looking for it I stumbled on this album. I don't know where I found this rip but I assume it was another blog, shouts out to whoever posted it first.

 Unwanted Redhead is one of the aliases of Shape Shifters member Circus and as far as I can tell this is the only album released under this name. Some of these tracks have been re-released on other albums.

21 May 2018

Sunspot Jonz ‎– Mini Beats: Frosted Beatdie Delites

Frosted Beatdie Delites is another collection of destinymental beats and songs to smoke bds to, draw, reflect, or simply drive too.

1. Frosted BD Crunch
2. Revengo
3. Barefoot in Bollywood
4. Riden through the Town
5. acidflux
6. Drunken Masters (f/MicT)
7. Spocks Tripp'n
8. Smoke
9. Hitchhike
10. Roach burnt me finger
11. Report Card Day
12. Check it out (f/Sunspot)
13. Dont Ash in my Cereal

2. Saturday night Special
3. East Oakland (Tonys Groove)
4. Wet Dreams (Young w/Cable version)
5. No love
6. Glue
7. Ha (f/Mystik Journeymen)
8. My Window Koch
9. Potty Train me
10. Resin
11. No Lighter
12. Country Boy
13. Curfew
14. Smalltown Story 1932 (f/BFAP)

14 May 2018

Dose One - Hemispheres

I recently revisited this album and I was reminded of how much I enjoy it.

8 May 2018

Esoin - Spiral Journey To The Sun

Shouts out to Karl for linking me with the Esoin album I was missing from my collection. Thanks to Bringing Real Rap Back for posting the Spiral Journey To The Sun album.

2 May 2018