27 May 2018

Unwanted Redhead - Bastard Stepchild

I had a request for a Shape Shifters album the other day and while I was looking for it I stumbled on this album. I don't know where I found this rip but I assume it was another blog, shouts out to whoever posted it first.

 Unwanted Redhead is one of the aliases of Shape Shifters member Circus and as far as I can tell this is the only album released under this name. Some of these tracks have been re-released on other albums.



  1. Ohhh okii Never heard of this Album nice ..!!!!😊😊

  2. I have a request. I really want The Shape Shifters - The Shape Shifter Army. I used to have the CD but my asshole parents threw away all my hip hop Cds. If someone can please send it to me or please post it, I would really appreciate it. ludzknowsthis blog used to have it to download on the website. thanks. gregoryelliott1904@outlook.com


  3. Someone recently posted this album on yout*be and I knew you'd have it!! Thanks a bunch :~)