25 June 2018

7 Year Anniversary Post - Broke Ass Summer Jam DVD

7 years in the game...or something like that. Thank you to everyone who checks the sites, hits me up with comments, feedback, and requests, and a special thank you to everyone that has hooked me up with music or filled one of my requests.

 Filmed in 2006 and features performances by the Living Legends, Mikah 9, Saafir, Aplus, Enzyme, The Cuf, Z-Man, Bored Stiff, and more.

17 June 2018

L'Roneous & Dj Wisdom - The Directors Cuts EP

Slept on EP from L'Roneous & Dj Wisdom.

10 June 2018

Conceit - Kill Technology Presents Winter Cold

I'm not 100% sure what this album is. I downloaded it at some point between 2000 - 2010 and at the time I made a note that it was an instrumental CD from Conceit, unfortunately I can't find any info about it online anymore. When I downloaded it I assumed it was Conceit from the Strangeface/Gurp City crews but I don't think I ever actually confirmed that. As far as instrumental mixes go it's an enjoyable listen, pretty laid back. I thought I would post it in case anyone has any info on it. Thanks

3 June 2018

Dj Killu Grand - Phat Mixed Joint Pt #3

Grime & Lime recently posted an old Dj Killu mixtape, check it out. Shouts out to Grime & Lime for all the hard work.