27 August 2018

Aceyalone - Universal Soldier

Before Acey released his now classic debut album All Balls Don't Bounce, it was announced in an issue of URB magazine that the album was going to be called Universal Soldier. Shortly after that Acey decided to change the name and the rest is history. I don't know much about the origin of this rip other than what's provided in the info file from the person who ripped it:

"This is a collection of Acey's 12's that he put together on a cd-r...I have seen most of this joints on wax ...here they are in cd quality"

20 August 2018

Andre Asmar - Asmar Beats Vol.1

As requested. I believe this was originally posted by Bring That Beat Back.

13 August 2018

West Coast Lyricist Lounge

I stumbled on this compilation a few weeks back. I'd never heard of it before and after some quick research it looks like it wasn't affiliated with the original lyricist lounge compilations released on Rawkus Records. Featuring tracks from Zion I, The Grouch, Motion Man, Mystik Journeymen, King T, Rasco, The Cuf, and more.

7 August 2018

My Requests Update

Thanks to everyone who has filled a request or contributed to the site over the year. I've updated my request list for the first time in a long time, please check it out here. Thanks