25 November 2018

Antification - Confidentiali

More music from Big Shawn and Blaise Taddune.

18 November 2018

Adlib - Save Us

More beats from Adlib.

11 November 2018

Adlib - Vs.

As requested, VS. from Adlib.

4 November 2018

Abstract Rude - Live Paris Sous La Plage (2004)

Shouts out to The Thirdman for originally posting this back in 2011. Here is the roughly translated description from the original post:

"In sorting we fall on cds that we have not listened to for 10 years, but deserve to be broadcast. Here is a sound capture of the concert of Abstract Rude, member of State Haiku, friend of the Freestyle Fellowship, OG Project Blowed Café, in short a good guy. I also have the video but I do not know which platform to use to put it online, if you have opinions ....
2004, therefore, first passage of Abstract Rude in France, accompanied by Existereo and Inaspace who will make their show a little later in the evening at the New Casino ... the Lorraine barrier in full effect, it was a good concert! the kind that does not make you regret banging 400 kiosks for a concert when the Parisians are reluctant to take the tromé to leave their home and not to return past the time of the crime. A POINT OF CONCERT YES! vla the beast Rude Abstract on stage: 1h20 of show, more than 20 different titles with Zulu Butterfly break in the background, well what."

To The Thirdman, if the video is still available and you haven't posted it, please do so. Putting it up on any service would be great. Thanks