11 March 2019

Westakoasta P-Minus Interview

Kaliyuga Pro & Pseudzero have put together a great interview with the legendary P-Minus over on the Westakoasta blog. I remember spending hours on the old Atak site, reading about new albums and trying to understand their international shipping rates....turns out the rates were very easy to understand, I just wasn't very smart. 

I had the pleasure of meeting P-Minus during my first trip to the Bay area in the early 2000's and I got a first hand look at how hard he hustled to sell music. I kept in touch with P into the mid and late 2000's, after the site had shut down. At that time he was still hustling rare music he would stumble on through a small mailing list...I think that was how I got my hands on an original copy of the UHB 1 tape. P was and always will be one of the dopest people out there.


  1. Thanks for 411/link. I too had similar experiences with peezy from late 90s to early 2000s. He hooked me up with much product and even dubbed rarities to cassette a couple times. ATAK, Fritz , Mystik Access , Stinkee (hiero), ... those were the daze - PRE MP3 - mail order for tapes/cds/vinyl. Sacred Hoop & Kraken tapes - more memories. Thanks Jibs for everything you continue to post.

  2. Yes, P's work has been crucial, especially for people outside the US. Thanks for spreading the word!