19 May 2019

Dream Capsules ‎– Counting Sheep

Today's post comes courtesy of Nick who hooked me up with the a rip of the Dream Capsules only album, Counting Sheep. I'd never heard of this crew before and based on Nicks description and the crews Discogs page you probably haven't either.

"They never went on to make any other projects musically - and the release of this album was limited to a CD-r passed around Sacramento area high schools."

The album reminds me a bit of early music from Jedi Knights Circle and Maleko, although the sound quality is better despite this only being a 128 kbps rip. Lyrically they probably aren't as skilled as the aforementioned artists, however for a group of high school students they aren't bad.

If anyone has a better quality rip don't hesitate to hook it up, Nick thanks you in advance.  

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