25 June 2019

8 Year Anniversary Post - Pirate Fuckin' Video

8 years deep. Thanks to everyone who checks the sites, hits me up with comments, feedback, and requests. A special thank you to everyone that has hooked me up with music or filled one of my requests over the years.

Pirate Fuckin' Video is one of my favorite videos from the folks at Hip Hop Slam. Featuring live turtablist tracks from the Invisibl Skratch Piklz and the Space Travelers, plus a great video version of the The Chronicles (I Will Always Love Her) by Peanut Butter Wolf. Don't miss Q-Bert tearing up LL Cool J's Rock The Bells at the end.

9 June 2019

Megabusive ‎– Fhetto Gabulous

"a collection of fine instrumentalism and rare vocal vignettes" - 25 brand new tracks presented by sofarwest.com

2 June 2019

Eddie K - Untitled

Looking through folders this week I found what appears to be an untitled Eddie K album from 2005. I'm not sure if this was an official release that I have labelled wrong or something random I found on the internet back in 2006. Either way here's 11 tracks from Eddie K.