24 November 2019

Raj - Concious Contemplation

This album is probably in my top 5 Biofidelic releases and I'm surprised I hadn't already posted it when I received a request for it a few weeks back. Featuring all your favorite La2TheBay artists during what I feel was their most creative and productive era. 

16 November 2019

A Stable Sound - Dj Rob One Fly I.D Show 1/27/91

Cut Chemist posted this a few weeks back on the A Stable Sound show page on Dublab. A 2 hour Fly I.D show with Dj Rob One and Goner from January 27th 1991, not too often something like this is made available. Peep the link for streaming and download options and enjoy this piece of history.

10 November 2019

Cosmic & Optimus Rhymes - Relative

Another request fulfilled. Cosmic featuring Optimus Rhymes, Relative.

3 November 2019

Cosmic - Labin Fever

As requested, Labin Fever from Cosmic. I'm sure I got this from another blog so shouts out to whoever posted it first.