8 December 2019

Rules Of The Game Compilation

I was recently reminded of this underrated compilation on Tripek Records from 1998. Rules Of The Game features the best from the Bay Area including Mystik Journeymen, Fanatik, Planet Asia, Grand The Visitor, Various Blends, Eclipse 427, King Koncepts, Mystik, The Coup, Bored Stiff, San Quinn, Andre Nickatina, KNT, Dj Q-Bert, and more.

There's also a solid track from a group called Psychokinetics that I realized I have never heard of. Checking Discogs it seems like they have a few release, does anyone have any of their albums they could hook up?



  1. i got something like this but its not listed at discogs so dont know what it is
    Psychokinetics - Heaterz In The Attic '95-'98

  2. yo i have heaterz in the attic, sensory Descent and Seven league boots. dope group i really like the early stuff i think dirt nasty done some work with them on the later albums. and Bas1 is featured on a couple

  3. https://www.mediafire.com/file/wotqc64sqgxbk31/Psychokinetics.rar/file

    sensory descent and seven league boots

  4. I have them all on vinyl & mp3. Saw them in store performance at Amoeba(SF) in June 2005. Celsius 7 puts out solo album now