26 April 2020

Latyrx Live At Google In 2011

Something a bit different today. Here's a live Latyrx performance from Google headquarters on December 19th 2011. I find hip hop performances with live bands hit or miss, usually because the mics are drowned out by the instruments. This one is pretty good.

19 April 2020

West Coast Work Force - Back To Baysicks

West Coast Work Force presents Back To Baysicks. "This is a collection of instrumentals inspired by the wonder years (1985-2000) when beats were an art...." This is my personal rip of this tape so hopefully the sound quality is a bit better than any of the other rips floating around out there. 

This is also the 500th post on the site which is pretty crazy considering I started the site because I was bored and temporarily living in the middle of nowhere. I doubt I'll make it another 500 posts but I'll keep going for now.

12 April 2020

Dj ESP - Variations On 519-16

Today's post goes out to Etienne from the Til Infinity blog. He posted an updated request list which you should check out and hit him up if you have anything from it. I went looking for ESP tape last year for a friend and fortunately KaliyugaPro was able to hook it up. I'm happy to be able to pass it along to Etienne and for everyone else who checks this site. Shouts out to KaliyugaPro for always coming through.

5 April 2020

LifeRexall - A New Life For Old Souls

Instrumental album from LifeRexall released in 2001.