31 May 2020

Ian - Partials

As requested another treat from the Ghetto Tyylit archives.

24 May 2020

Lacksidaisycal - In My Sleep

The other day I was revisiting this album and I did some searching online for more information. I stumbled on the page where I likely obtained In My Sleep from.

Check out Phyzix site, there's some great back story and some other interesting downloads available.

17 May 2020

Mad Kap - Look Ma Dukes, No Hands

I was looking for something the other day when I stumbled on the debut album from Mad Kap. It's been a while since I heard it and I completely forgot that Josef Leimberg was a member of the group. If you're a fan of jazzy boom bap hiphop from the early 90's then you should check it out. 

10 May 2020

Busdriver - This Machine Kills Fashion Tips

Not my favorite album from Busdriver but something I revisit from time to time when I'm looking for something a bit different. Featuring Otherwize, Riddlore, Ellay Khule, and more.

3 May 2020

Murs - They Don't Have This Either

They Don't Have This Either is a collection of rare tracks and was later re-released as Murs Is My Best Friend. I'm not sure how long this CD was sold before the re-release but if my memory is correct it wasn't a very long time. The album is 13 tracks and features appearances from 2Mex, Dr. Oop, Kombo, LMNO, Asop, Eligh, PSC, Slug, Scarub, Basik MC, El-P, Mr. Lif, and more.