25 June 2020

9 Year Anniversary Post - Dj Drez Mixes

9 years in the game. Thanks to everyone who checks the site, hits me up with comments, feedback, and requests. A special thank you to everyone that has hooked me up with music or filled one of my requests over the years.

We all know, or should know who Dj Drez is. Despite his long tenure in the LA underground scene and the myriad of talented artists he's worked with I've always found him to be under appreciated. His name doesn't seem to come up as often as it should and I thought I would take this opportunity to post some of his older mixes that aren't found on his Bandcamp page. Over the years he's released countless albums, mixes, and collaborations covering numerous genres of music.If you aren't familiar with his work here is an opportunity to check it out. Enjoy.

Not Yet Titled

Cool World

Cool Fantastic

On The Radio Cool Fantastic 2

Say It Loud EP

Sleepy Dust

EZ Street


  1. Man covering the gamut of og Drez, Jah!! Give thanks -Cerberus

  2. Hello, Happy 9th anniversary !! thanks for these 9 years of entertainment it is a solid job on the blog. As for dj drez, he has great moments with little recognition, the same as Fat Jack.
    hey you have an invitation to a private blog in your mail, the blog is focused on electronic underground music in general but we pay special attention to European and American hip hop and also to the west coast.
    We mostly share losless but also 320, I'm sure you will like it! And if someone else wants to sign up, contact me in my mail:

    phlatlinez at gmail

    Surely you remember me for providing you ... Stray From The Pack [Quiet Biting Attack] and Konceptual Dominance where you already have a clear example of my musical tastes I also owned 10 years ago a blog well known on the net called the Stroboscope Syndrome and now I'm back but privately for the lossless sharing thing

  3. So many great memories with this blog, particularly the great video uploads. Thanks a bunch Jibbs and here's the the next 9!

  4. agree with what you're saying in the post man.. one of my all time favorite deejays.. much love and many thanx